Friday, December 6, 2013

Easy For Traveling Quinoa Cereal

As the winter vacation and travel season approaches, if you are like me I begin to worry about how I am going to eat safely while traveling. With that in mind I am always looking for healthy delicious portable foods, so I do not end up in an airport panicked with nothing to eat. While shopping at Whole Foods today I came across Cocomama Quinoa Cereal; prepackaged and ready to eat at either room temperature or warmed. This is the perfect breakfast cereal or any meal in a pinch! Not only is it gluten free but soy and dairy free as well. Just thought I would share this with everyone. Would love to hear all of your suggestions for foods that travel easy as well. You can post your favorites in the comment section below this post so we can put together a great list for everyone to share. Happy stress free travels!

Gluten/Soy and Dairy Free Easy Travel Breakfast

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